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Learning Commons

Peer Tutoring

We want to provide support to all students of the NWP community and target multiple subject matters. Therefore, we hire students, Peer Tutors, who have achieved a minimum of 75% in a course they wish to tutor.  

If you are struggling in a particular subject, please reach out to Amanda Wills - Librarian at

Note: Due to the change in need every academic year/semester, it is our goal to do everything possible to have the necessary support in the given subject area.

Becoming a Peer Tutor 

If you are a returning student and are interested in helping others, this is the job for you. The following are requirements for our peer tutors: 

  • Must be a student of NWP during the academic year when they wish to tutor.
  • Faculty recommendation.
  • Successful completion of a course with at least 75% unless otherwise specified directly from an instructor.
  • Completed and signed application form.
  • Proof of course marks (an unofficial transcript from myNWP is sufficient evidence).
  • An interview process and tutor training with the Student Learning and Engagement Librarian.

For more information, email Amanda Wills - Librarian at Please keep in mind that our services and demands change depending on student needs and the student population.