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Learning Commons


myNWP is the NWP student portal.  Log in to:

  • register for classes and see your schedule
  • collect financial and tax documentation
  • change your password (myNWP, D2L, webmail, on-campus computer access, PaperCut printing account)
  • access your home directory (H:/) remotely

If you did not set up your account when you registered you will need to Request Account to gain access to myNWP.

The myNWP password is initially different from D2L / webmail / on-campus computer access / PaperCut printing account password, which are all synchronized, but you can make them the same for ease of use.  If you forget your password for D2L / webmail / on-campus computer access / PaperCut printing account password you will need to reset it in myNWP.

MyClass [BrightSpace]

MyClass [BrightSpace] is the new learning management system in use at NWP. 


Free WiFi access is available in the NWP Learning Commons through the "NWP Guest" access point on Grande Prairie campus and "GPRC PW=Internet" access point on Fairview campusAfter connecting you will be redirected to a web page to review and agree to our acceptable use policy.

OpenAthens (On and Off Campus Access)

What is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is our new authentication service that allows students and employees to access the Learning Commons' licensed electronic resources (such as journals, e-books, streaming videos, and databases) both on and off campus. We previously used EZProxy to manage user logins; OpenAthens replaces that service. OpenAthens lets you log in with your NWP login and password, and stay logged into library resources longer.

OpenAthens is a “gateway” service to facilitate access to publisher content. It does not include any content of its own. 


When will the change happen?

All subscription-based electronic resource materials moved to OpenAthens starting May 2023 (please be patient as we complete migrating resources and contact us with any issues).


Why the change?

The switch to OpenAthens will make using Learning Commons resources easier and more reliable, improve security, and provide usage data so we can make better informed decisions about where to commit the library's resources.

All Users

  • Once you've logged in to OpenAthens, you will not need to login again to access other NWP licensed resources.
  • OpenAthens sessions generally remain active for 8 hours
  • You also may have to do the Multi-factor authentication (so have your cellphone handy).


Current NWP Students/Employees:

  1. Search for Northwestern Polytechnic
  2. Select Northwestern Polytechnic and login using your NWP email credentials
    If you have previously logged in to OpenAthens or are logged into other NWP single sign-on services, you may not need to login again or you may be presented with a NWP only login page


On-Campus Guest Users:

  1. Login to OpenAthens BEFORE accessing any Learning Commons links
  2. Choose the OpenAthens account login option
    1. Grande Prairie: Login using the posted username/password (on-campus access only)
    2. Fairview: Login using the posted username/password (on-campus access only)
  3. Please note: Due to vendor licensing restrictions, not all resources are available to guest users

NOTE: Students, faculty, and staff will need to update any bookmarks, saved links, or reading list links they maintain apart from the Learning Commons' web presence. 


Starting Fresh (Removing EZProxy References)

Any links including reference to our old authentication system, EZProxy, will need to be reformatted.

URLs containing reference to ezproxy.agpc will no longer be usable. Start with a fresh URL from a resource and use the Open Athens Link Generator (info below) to create new links. 


Creating OpenAthens Links (Athenized Links)

Use the NWP OpenAthens link generator to create links to specific Learning Commons resources. 

  1. Paste a permalink or stable URL for the resource you would like to link to in the box and press enter.
  2. Copy the generated URL.
  3. TEST the link to ensure it works 
  4. Use the copied URL to link to the source.

IMPORTANT The OpenAthens link generator should not be used for resources found in Ebsco, ProQuest, Gale, and Kanopy databases. 

Contact Eden Murray-Black with technical questions or assistance:

You can also contact the help desk during the day by chat, email (, or phone (780-539-2939).