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Learning Commons

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General Guidelines for Appointments with Librarians and Tutors

  • Readiness
    • Students should prepare their question or area of concern in advance
    • Students may upload relevant documents when booking an appointment
  • Booking maximums
    • One appointment per day, up to one hour in length
      • (two back-to-back 30-minute sessions are considered a single appointment)
    • Two appointments per week (per librarian/tutor)
  • Exceptions
    • Students attending a scheduled workshop or review session for a particular class may still book two sessions that week
    • Special accommodations may be arranged after a recommendation/request from an instructor


Writing Submission Guidelines

  • Students may submit a written assignment to the Writing Tutor for comments
  • Turnaround time for this service will generally be 1-3 business days
    • Wait time may be longer during midterms and exams
  • Comments will be limited to three pages of the assignment, or its introduction, conclusion, and one body paragraph
  • The Writing Tutor will not highlight more than two instances of the same issue
  • The same assignment may be submitted up to three times total, provided the student has corrected all the issues previously noted by the Writing Tutor before re-submitting it


Service Limitations

Librarians and tutors will not

  • Edit or proofread your work
  • Review or help you correct your entire assignment or paper
  • Find journal articles and send them to you
  • Help you with take-home exams
  • Answer questions about an assignment's length or estimated time to complete


Please note that while librarians and tutors will help students follow citation guidelines, instructors make the final decision regarding all formatting and citation matters.


If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please contact Jacob Fehr, Student Learning and Engagement Librarian, at