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Learning Commons

A Day in the Life

Students with developmental disabilities participate in all the same learning and campus activities as their peers.

With the supports of inclusive post-secondary education, students attend class, complete assignments, participate in practicums, write exams, and contribute to group work. Inclusion Alberta team members collaborate with faculty and school staff to adapt and modify course expectations and materials when necessary. In class, fellow classmates offer natural support by sharing notes, including students in group work and engaging students in discussion, among other classroom learning activities.

Students attend class daily, depending on their respective course load.

Students can expect to spend their time:

  • Attending class
  • Reviewing course material with support from one of our team members
  • Engaging in independent and group study with classmates
  • Hanging out with classmates and peers
  • Participating in campus life activities (clubs, events, etc.)
  • Working part-time
The opportunities that are available to post-secondary students are nearly endless. 

Campus Life

Student participation in campus life is essential to their academic success and personal fulfillment. An Inclusion Alberta education facilitator will support students with developmental disabilities to pursue an active campus life.

Involvement is encouraged inside and outside the classroom, as well as off campus for the purposes of students developing interpersonal skills and expanding employment opportunities. Additionally, students benefit greatly from becoming an active member in the community, by increasing their ability to form long-lasting friendships, with natural relationships emerging.

Students supported by inclusive post-secondary education staff often seek to enhance their student experience by becoming involved in extracurricular activities such as:

  • clubs and events
  • student associations
  • recreation and social activities
  • intramurals
  • student residence
  • student governance