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Learning Commons

How it Works

Students with developmental disabilities attend post-secondary for the same reasons as other post-secondary students:

  • further their education
  • meet new people and develop friendships/relationships
  • develop and pursue career opportunities
  • contribute to and benefit from campus life and associations

Students audit programs of study to pursue individualized learning goals related to regular course content and complete modified course assignments and write modified exams to demonstrate what they have learned. Students receive a certificate of recognition to acknowledge their hard work, accomplishments, and commitment to their learning at the completion of their program. Students do not typically receive credits or the associated credentials (degrees, diplomas, certificates, etc.), as they are not taking the program of study for credit. However, students develop new skills; gain new knowledge; build both personal and professional networks; and have valuable learning experiences related to their career ambitions. Students completing their studies participate in convocation where they are acknowledged by the post-secondary institution. On average, employment outcomes for students completing their studies is between 70-80%.