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Microsoft Word

This module will teach you how to use Microsoft Word to create and edit documents. The links on this page will open in a new tab/window.

For tips on using Word specifically for essays, check out the "Formatting Essays" tab on our Citation Styles guide 

Top Tips 

✓ Make use of the Format Painter. If you have formatted some text in a specific way and need to repeat it on another block of text, you can use the Format Painter feature to save time. 

✓ Make use of the Ribbon to format your document. The Ribbon at the top of your document contains tabs with groups of related tools that you can use to format text, change the layout, insert images, and more.

✓ Pay attention to the Spellchecker. The red and blue underlines of the spellchecker indicate a spelling or grammar mistake. Right-click on the underlined word to view suggestions.

✓ Find where you left off. Press Shift + F5 to move the cursor to the location where it was when you last saved the document.

 ✓ Use keyboard shortcuts to edit your document quickly. Keyboard shortcuts can be a quicker way to interact with your document. Try to remember the shortcuts for tasks you perform often, like copying text (CTRL + C).

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Getting Started with Microsoft Word 

Check out this video by on Getting Started with Microsoft Word from 2016. 

Microsoft Word Guides


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