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Microsoft Powerpoint 

This module will teach you how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create and design slide presentations. The links on this page will open in a new tab/window.

Top Tips 

✓ Use a template to design your slides. Rather than starting from scratch, you can use a presentation template. You can find them in PowerPoint or on

✓ Add notes to your presentation. You can add presenter notes in the Notes panel below the slide. When you present, only you will be able to see these notes.

✓ Add interest to your slides with images, animation, and audio. You can create movie-like presentations in PowerPoint by adding images, animations, music, and narration using tools from the Ribbon.

✓ Reuse a slide from another presentation.  If you have a slide in another presentation that you want to use in your current presentation, you can import that slide rather than recreate it.

✓ Use Slide Sorter view to reorder slides. Slide Sorter view will display thumbnails of each slide, which you can drag and drop into the order you want.

Making Academic Posters Using PowerPoint 

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Recording Your PowerPoint 

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Getting Started with Microsoft Word 

Check out this video by on Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint from 2016. 

PowerPoint Guides


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