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Learning Portal - Learning Online: Computer Foundations

Computer Foundations 

This module provides information for those who are not too familiar with computers. You can find useful information on computer basics such as hardware and software, the mouse, the keyboard, and more. Scan through the topics to find videos and step-by-step tutorials. The links on this page will open in a new tab/window.

Guides to Foundational Computer Topics

About Computer Hardware

Hardware is the physical components of the computer, including the devices users interact with to interface with the computer, such as computer mice and keyboards. Below are some basic guides on computer hardware.

→ Basic Parts of a Computer

→ Computer Basics

→ Hardware versus Software

→ Mouse Shortcuts

→ How to Use a Computer Keyboard

→ Using a Computer Keyboard in Windows

About Computer Software – General

Software is the applications and programs that tell the computer to perform functions. Below are some guides on computer software.

Apple Software

The following guides cover Apple software.

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