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Learning Portal - Learning Online: Creating a Semester Plan

Creating a Semester Plan

This module will show you how to use all of the due dates for each of your courses to create a semester plan. A semester plan is a master schedule of everything that you need to get done over the 15 weeks of your semester. Your instructors provide you with your due dates for the semester. A semester plan displays your due dates in one place and helps you remember when you have a due date coming up.

Top Tips 

✓ Highlight the big ones. Highlight the biggest item for each course so that these key dates stand out.

✓ Highlight busy weeks. Highlight the weeks that are going to be your biggest weeks of the semester.

✓ Update your plan. Add any new deadlines to your semester plan that pop up over the semester.

✓ Display your plan. Put your semester plan somewhere where you will look at it frequently.

✓ Don’t erase completed assignments. Cross items off of the plan as they are completed and keep them as visual reminders of the things that you are getting done.

Why use a semester plan?

Watch the video below by the Learning Portal Ontario (2020) to find out why you should use a semester plan.

How to Create a Semester Plan

How to create a semester plan in Word

Watch this video (The Learning Portal Ontario, 2020) to learn how to create a semester plan using the template below.

How to create a semester plan in Excel

Watch the video below (The Learning Portal Ontario, 2020) to learn how to create a semester plan using Excel.


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