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Learning Portal - Learning Online: Office 365

Office 365

​​​​​​​This module will help you familiarize yourself with the web-based Office 365 software. The links on this page will open in a new tab/window.

Office 365 Software 

Office 365 is a set of web-based software based on the Microsoft Office suite. While this can be useful on computers where access to Office is not available, be aware that Office 365 is limited compared to non-browser-based Office software.

→ OneDrive Quick Start Guide

→ Basic Tasks in Word Online

→ Basic Tasks in PowerPoint Online

→ Basic Tasks in Excel Online

→ Basic Tasks in OneNote

→ Basic Tasks in for the Calendar for Outlook

Office 365 at NWP

To download Office 365 click here, select "software access," and "install Office 365."

Check out this video for more information on Office 365!


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