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Grammar and Punctuation: 8 Parts of Speech

8 Parts of Speech 

Noun - represents a person, place, thing or idea

  • e.g. dog, house, student, mother, democracy

Pronoun - takes the place of a noun

  • e.g. he, she, it, they

Adjective - describes a noun or pronoun

  • e.g. small, big, intelligent, caring

Verb - shows action or state of being

  • e.g. laughing, jumped, ran, running, skipped

  • e.g. we are friends, this is my house

Adverb - modifies a verb

  • e.g. fast, high, quickly, slow

Interjection - interrupts a sentence

  • e.g. Hey! Wait! Oh!

Conjunction - joins two sentences together

  • e.g. and, but, so, or

Preposition - indicates place

  • e.g. under, over, beside

  • or, indicates time

    • e.g. on, in, since, for, before


This guide was created/compiled by Amanda Wills and last updated by Claire Pienaar in 2021. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons BY NC SA 4.0 International License.

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