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Academic Posters

A guide to designing an academic poster

Academic posters

  • Think of the poster as an illustrated, expanded abstract using a mixture of text, tables, pictures, maps, charts, graphs, and/or other graphic elements to enable the viewer to quickly understand the major points of your research. It is a "snapshot" of your research. It is a format that allows the viewer to understand in a couple of minutes what your research is about. 
  • Posters are widely used in the academic community. Research posters summarize information on research concisely and attractively to generate discussion and awareness of your topic.
  • The poster typically contains the same components as an academic paper, but in a modified format that is more appropriate for a poster – less text, bullet-point formats, graphs and tables instead of long paragraphs.
  • At a conference, the presenter might be standing by the poster so that other participants have a chance to learn about and discuss the topic of the poster. At other times, the poster is designed to be a “stand-alone” fixture without the presenter being nearby for interaction.