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Academic Posters

A guide to designing an academic poster

Quick tips for designing academic posters

  1. The title should be in a LARGE font so it stands out even from a distance.

  2. The authors’ name(s) should be much smaller than the title.

  3. The content of the poster generally follows the logic of a research paper:

    • Introduction: thesis/problem presented in a clear and concise way

    • Methods: describe them in two or three sentences

    • Results: graphs, tables, and/or charts summarizing the findings

    • Discussion: clear arguments based on your findings

    • Conclusion: summary and “what’s next” usually placed on the bottom right side of the poster

    • References: smaller fonts could be used – do not distract from the main content

  4. Use sans serif fonts (Arial is a good choice) – avoid Times New Roman or novelty fonts.

  5. Use white / blank space so it is pleasing to look at (not crowded with content).

  6. Use colour to your advantage, but do not overdo it! Avoid patterned or dark background colours.

  7. Simpler is better, both in design and content.