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Academic Posters

A guide to designing an academic poster

Poster printing

Printing your poster

NWP Learning Commons has a large format printer for printing posters. Please call us at (780)-539-2939 to make sure the printer is available.

Cost is $1.00 per linear foot. The paper width is 2 feet, length of the poster depends on your chosen template and design.

Please note that you cannot print directly from a laptop. The file must be opened on the PC that is connected to our large-format printer. If you created your poster on a Mac with Keynote or with another online app, please convert it to PowerPoint or PDF so our PC can open it and print it. To open the file on our computer, use a USB memory stick (we have some to lend for this purpose), or email the file to yourself (private email suggested.)

For printing, you either need to have printing credits already on your NWP student account or would need to pay for the actual print job. We can only take cash as payment. Alternatively, you can use a credit or Visa Debit card to buy printing credit online once you are logged in to your account. Student Services can accept debit payments when purchasing print credits at their office.

So the best advice for paying for the printing would be: have some cash on hand when you come to print your poster. A poster would cost not more than 4 dollars, probably less, depending on size (1.00 per 1 foot).