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Learning Portal NWP: Online ELL Resources

Online ELL Resources

Check out the tabs below for some resources to help you practice different English skills.

All these resources are available online for free.




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Top Tips:

Reading Tip: After reading something, make sure you understood it by explaining it (or pretending to explain it) to someone else in a simple way.

Writing Tip: Include new words/phrases you've learned in your writing to practice using them.

Listening Tip: Listen every day, even in the background - watch TV, listen to songs, etc.

Speaking Tip: Build your confidence through practice.


Some of the resources in this section were adapted from resource lists in Centennial College's "English Language: ELL, ESL, and TESL" LibGuide.

This guide was created by Claire Pienaar on behalf of the NWP Learning Commons in 2022.

Spelling and Grammar Checkers

  • Grammarly (can download; has a free and a paid version)
  • Quillbot (entirely free/online, also has a paraphrase tool)

Citation Managers

All the Skills at Once!

Run by the BBC and the British Council.

All kinds of exercises at different levels based on news stories.

Practice exercises, articles, songs, forums, and more!

Articles and videos on speaking, listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary.

English practice materials in a variety of formats (video, audio, written articles).

Reading Practice

Reading comprehension articles with multiple-choice questions.

Structured readings to practice advanced vocabulary and reading comprehension.​​​​​​​

Writing Practice

Learn how to write for different formats (reviews, reports, emails, etc.)

A PDF including writing prompts, grading rubrics, and sample essays for different scores.

Listening Practice

Recordings and practice exercises to help with listening comprehension.

Listen to conversations on popular topics.

Listening exercises at different levels of difficulty, including academic listening practice.

Speaking Practice

A free online course from

A free online course from

Pronunciation Practice

An online pronunciation dictionary where you can search words or phrases and hear them pronounced.

Grammar Practice

Practice exercises for grammar and vocabulary.

Intermediate to upper intermediate grammar lessons with quizzes.

Articles discussing different grammar topics with explanations. You can also use the search bar to look up specific topics.

Handouts and explanations on grammar and academic integrity.

Vocabulary Practice

A free online course from

Practice exercises for grammar and vocabulary.

Academic English Practice

Handouts and explanations on grammar and academic integrity.

Explanations of what is usually expected for academic essays in English.

Professional English Practice

Business readings, podcasts on business topics, and lessons on how to write emails/do interviews in English.

A free online business English course offered through Udemy.