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Early Learning and Child Care

Early Learning and Child Care

NWP has a variety of online databases with information about ELCC topics, plus librarians to help with research.

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New Arrivals to Our Picture Book Collection

Mina Belongs Here

Mina is worried about starting a kindergarten in her new country where the only word she can understand is her name. A warm and emotive story that explores how sharing a language can encourage a sense of belonging through a gentle story and lively illustrations. At Mina's kindergarten she listens to stories, songs and chatter in an unfamiliar language. She tries out sounds that roar in her throat and tickle her tongue until the new words feel like her own. Then one day, Mina realises that this language now belongs to her, and she belongs to this new world.

When the Stars Came Home

How does a strange new place become home? Here is a heartwarming look at how the comfort of tradition and story can create a true sense of belonging.   When Ojiig moves to the city with his family, he misses everything they left behind. Most of all, he misses the sparkling night sky. Without the stars watching over him, he feels lost. His parents try to help, but nothing seems to work. Not glow-in-the-dark sticker stars, not a star-shaped nightlight. But then they have a new idea for how to make Ojiig feel better -- a special quilt stitched through with family stories that will wrap Ojiig in the warmth of knowing who he is and where he came from. Join this irresistible family as they discover the power of story and tradition to make a new place feel like home.

Scaredy Cats

When an adorable kitten receives a mysterious beribboned package, he's pretty sure it's a cake. But his two nervous friends have other ideas in this hilarious guessing game. "Hey, bud. What's in the box?" "I don't know. I think it's a cake." "But what if it's not a cake?" Three kittens, faced with a pink polka dotted present have different ideas of what might be in it. One's pretty sure it's a cake, but his two skittish friends aren't so certain. What if it's a big hungry crocodile waiting to eat them up? Or a cakeand a crocodile? Or a cake, a crocodile, a tiger AND a great white shark?


It's fall, and the front yard is full of colourful leaves. Dad asks Sidney and Alex to rake them all up, and when they find Dad's fancy new leaf blower in the garage they are excited to try it out. What could possibly go wrong?

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh!

It's the most wonderful time of the year--for driving a sleigh! 'Tis also the season--for driving a sleigh! Oh, and joy to the--driving a sleigh! The Pigeon has made a list and checked it once. Can his holiday dream come true? Or will The Pigeon be left out in the cold?

Tokyo Night Parade

The night parade is about to begin... The ground thunders in Tokyo. A gust of wind blows. The pitter-patter of paws and claws draws closer. The air is thick with swirling, swooping demons. It's Eka's favorite evening of the year, the one night she refuses to miss. But it's become harder to travel to Japan now that she's living across the world in New York. Unsure of when she can return next to see her yokai friends, Eka tries to forget that this could be her last parade for some time. Instead, she'll march, sing, dance, hoot, and screech until sunrise. Because on this night, there's no time to waste--the night parade awaits.

Mr. S

Prepare for plenty of giggles as a kindergarten class arrives for their first day of school but can't find their teacher--only a delicious-looking sandwich and the words "Mr. S" scribbled on the chalkboard. Chaos ensues as the kids argue whether the sandwich must be their teacher.

Search Terms to Try:

  • Child care
    • Authorized subject heading from the Library of Congress - details available at
    • Narrower topics include
      • Campus-based child care
      • Child rearing
      • Children--institutional care
      • School-age child care
  • Child development
    • Authorized subject heading from the Library of Congress - details available at
    • Narrower topics include
      • Child psychology
      • Infants--development
      • Toddlers--development
  • Cognitive development
    • Not an authorized subject heading, but produces nearly 300,000 results through our OneSearch discovery service.
  • Motor ability in children
    • Authorized subject heading from the Library of Congress - details available at
    • Broader topics include
      • Perceptual-motor learning
    • Narrower topics include
      • Clumsiness in children
  • Physical education for children
    • Authorized subject heading from the Library of Congress - details available at
    • Narrower topics include
      • Gymnastics for children
      • Movement education



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