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Learning Portal - Well-Being: Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness inspires self-care, relaxation, stress reduction, and the development of inner strength. This module includes activities and resources to help you cultivate your emotional wellness.

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What is Emotional Wellness?

Emotional wellness involves being attentive to both positive and negative feelings and to be able to understand how to handle these emotions. It also includes the ability to learn and grow from experiences.

There are many things you can do to develop your emotional wellness. Try some of the activities below:


  • Build your passions. Spend time doing things that you enjoy. Invest some time in a new hobby or re-starting an old one.

  • Manage your time by setting weekly goals. Setting achievable goals is a great way to build resilience. For strategies to help you set helpful goals, check out the Setting Goals submodule in the Study Skills Hub.

  • Help others. It feels good when others do kind things for you, but it also feels good to do things for others! Do three random acts of kindness and savor the feeling you get from this. You can check out this list of Random Acts of Kindness if you need inspiration.

  • Try something new. Try one new food, activity, or experience to get out of your comfort zone a little.

  • Give up a bad habit.

  • Use your creativity to show you care. Create something beautiful or helpful to give as a gift to someone you love.

  • Be kind to yourself. Write a list of your positive attributes to remind yourself how strong you can be during difficult times. For example, what are your strengths? You can use the free VIA Character survey for help getting started.

  • Reach out for support. Speak to a psychologist or a counselor if you feel the need and are able to. There may be counseling services at your college. You can find a psychologist online using the Ontario Psychological Association website.

  • Practice meditation. Meditation can help you focus on the present moment. Try strategies like belly breathing and mindfulness. Check out meditation apps and videos.

  • Create a vision board. Having a visual depiction of what you want and how you want to feel helps you focus on it, which in turn can help you achieve it. You can create a physical board or use tools like Canva to create a digital version.

For more helpful strategies, check out Mindyourmind’s article Caring for Your Mental Health.

Intro to Emotional Wellness

Video by the Learning Portal Ontario 2021

3 Secrets of Resilient People

Ted Talk by Lucy Hone 2019




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